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Lenovo pioneered the 360-degree rotating-screen laptop, and beforehand this year we advised the 13.9-inch Yoga 910 to be an accomplished archetype of this convertible anatomy agency — although it was not after its flaws. So does the Yoga 920, which sports a battery-stretching 8th bearing Intel processor, abode the issues?

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The Lenovo Yoga 920 is a top-end laptop with a exceptional bulk tag. There are two models accessible in the UK, and the starting bulk is £1,999.99 (inc. VAT; £1,666.66 ex. VAT).

The 13.9-inch Yoga 920 is hardly added bunched and 30g lighter than its 910 predecessor. It’s powered by 8th bearing Intel Core i5 or i7 processors.

Lenovo’s characteristic ‘watchband’ articulation is present and actual on the Yoga 920.

Lenovo has a cardinal of 360-degree convertible laptops in its portfolio, but the Yoga 920 sits at the top of the calibration in agreement of arduous style. This is not atomic because it retains the acute ‘watchband hinge’ design, with its assorted alternating genitalia and chip calefaction amusement function. It has to be the best adorable 360-degree articulation about — but appearance isn’t the alone affair the watchband articulation has activity for it. Importantly it’s additionally strong, captivation the awning durably at whatever bend it was set.

The Yoga 920 comes in three colours — copper, brownish and platinum. My platinum analysis unit, with its argent metal chassis, looked altogether adequate for a able environment. The all-round metal provides a solid shell, and I struggled to get added than a slight bow in the lid. Although this able-bodied 1.37kg assemblage is no agile to tote regularly, you could allocate with a careful sleeve to accumulate the weight bottomward — at the accident of the odd cruddy scratch.

The Yoga 920 comes in Copper, Brownish and Platinum. In the UK, prices alpha at £1,199.99 (inc. VAT).

Lenovo has again what it managed with the Yoga 910, abstraction a 13.9-inch affectation into bunched chassis. In fact, a atom has been baldheaded off the ambit this time round: the Yoga 920’s ambit are 323mm advanced by 223.5mm abysmal by 13.95mm compared to the Yoga 910’s 323mm x 224.5mm x 14.3mm. The 1.37kg Yoga 920 has additionally baldheaded 30g of weight from its 1.4kg predecessor.

As with the Yoga 910, the larboard and appropriate awning bezels are aloof 4mm. The 8mm top bezel is a bit added actuality than it was on the Yoga 910, which is actual adequate because it provides allowance for the 720p webcam.

Working with the 910’s below-screen webcam accepted to be a complete pain: either the laptop had to be aerial to get the camera to eye height, or it delivered an aspersing ‘up-the-nose’ view. It’s adequate that Lenovo has heeded criticism of the 910’s arrangement, although I don’t accept how bazaar testing let it through in the aboriginal place.

The touchscreen is reflective, and whichever of the two UK models you opt for, the resolution is abounding HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) — alike admitting Lenovo highlights the Yoga 920 as “a 2-in-1 Laptop with a 4K Display” at its UK website.

The absence of a 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) awning is apparently not a bad thing, as it would adequate be a array cesspool and would advance the top bulk up alike further. It’s notable that the UK website additionally specifies options including a 1TB SSD, and 12GB, and 16GB RAM, which additionally aren’t currently available.

The holder for the Active Pen 2 stylus takes up the system’s alone full-size USB 3.0 port.

Lenovo ships its Active Pen 2 with the Lenovo Yoga 920. Now that Windows 10 supports Windows Ink, this seems like a alive move, although some may feel they don’t charge a stylus and would adopt a lower price. Still, if you do appetite to assignment with the Active Pen 2, which supports 4,096 levels of burden sensitivity, you’ll acquisition it adequate to use.

Unfortunately, Lenovo has bootless to acquisition an adequate way to bundle the Active Pen 2 on the laptop chassis. I’m not a fan of the alluring band-aid acclimated in Microsoft’s Surface articles — which doesn’t advice in transit, or stop bodies apathy to booty the pen with them — but Lenovo’s band-aid is absolutely low-grade.

It’s a artificial accoutrement that fits into the laptop’s alone full-size USB anchorage and provides a annular aperture into which to bead or accelerate the Active Pen. Losing the USB anchorage is irritating, and the widget’s architecture aloof doesn’t angle up to the blow of the laptop. Maybe I am actuality captious actuality — the Yoga 920 is alone 13.95mm thick, so it’s not accessible to acquisition an onboard band-aid — but amuse anticipate harder, Lenovo.

The keyboard is a adequate accounting platform, although it would account from an ambient ablaze sensor for the backlight.

The keyboard is a amusement to use: I couldn’t get it to angle alike back accounting actual heavily, and the activity is ablaze beneath the fingers. There’s not a huge bulk of travel, and this won’t address to everyone, but I begin it actual bland to assignment with. I accept aloof two quibbles: a premium-priced laptop should accept an ambient ablaze sensor that can optionally about-face the keyboard ablaze on; and, back you’re alive in book approach the keys are disabled but don’t lock out — I’d adopt them to lock in the bottomward position, for bigger protection.

There are two versions of the Yoga 920 currently accessible in the UK, differing in CPU archetypal and SSD accumulator capacity:

My analysis assemblage was the top-end archetypal active on an 8th Bearing Intel Core i7-8550U, and it absolutely flew through the boilerplate abundance workloads I activated with. The fan bliss in occasionally and is appealing noisy, although it seems quieter than the Yoga 910’s.

The Yoga 920 has two Thunderbolt 3.0 USB-C connectors and a distinct USB 3.0 port. There’s additionally a 3.5mm angle slot, but that’s it. I’d like to see an SD agenda clairvoyant in the mix, although at atomic there’s a fingerprint clairvoyant in the wrist rest. Dolby Audio Exceptional delivers affluence of aggregate and analytic adequate affection audio through a brace of speakers, although as anytime I’d like added bass.

According to Lenovo, Yoga 920’s array will aftermost up to 12 hours with the abounding HD affectation (or nine hours with the college 4K resolution that’s not yet accessible in the UK). Getting a abounding 12 hours ability be possible, too: one four-hour accretion affair with some video streaming, web browsing and writing, and the awning at ‘suggested’ accuracy (which was accomplished for calm working), saw the array bankrupt from 100 percent to 72 percent.

Yoga 920 modes: laptop, tent, presentation and tablet.

This analysis credibility up some niggles with the Yoga 920, but they are accessory rather than deal-breakers. It’s decidedly adequate to see the webcam in its applicable position aloft the awning this time around. The 8th Bearing Intel processor looks like a battery-life extender, and I would apprehend all-day accretion from this laptop back active boilerplate abundance workloads.

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